Sébastien Rolland

I solve problems.

Providing elegant weblogo and illustration solutions.

“Once the problem was stated, its solution came to me in a flash.”

–Anton Fokker

Design is all about solving problems. Problems like explaining who you are and what you have to offer quickly and effectively to your potential clients. The creation of clear, concise communication that makes an impact is a problem that every company has to face.

That’s where I come in: I’m here to help by using the best graphics and technological tools to get your message across.

Web Design

Web design is what I do best: finding the right balance of beautiful graphics and elegant technology for effective communication is my passion.

Client: Caf-Lib Client: I-D Foods Client: El Ma Mia (Expressto) Client: Countrywide Client: Altel Client: CRDP Publicite

Logo design is tricky craft. Expressing meaning and ideas with the simplest graphics possible is always a welcome challenge.

Client: Eco Solutions Client: Appliance Alliance Client: College Ascension


I've always loved drawing, whether the object is to create a punchy illustration or a realistic photoshop composition.

Client: Vetdiet Client: Miels Labonte Client: Pixel-eyes.com